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Random: The Audiobook brings the fascinating characters found in Random to life.


released February 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Seth Gumbs Toronto, Ontario

Dreams coming true, word by word.

I'm a writer from Toronto, living out of Ajax for now. I love writing all sorts of things, short stories, novels, songs, plays, and anything else that may peak my interest.

Outside of the writing world, I love festivals, events, mixed martial arts, and football among many many other things.
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Track Name: (Bonus Track) That's Random by Seth Gumbs (featuring Erin Reece)
Verse 1

Good morning to another day, like any other day
Some people love monotony there may not be a better way.
There’s comfort in knowing what’s happening next
Even though it’s boring you know what to expect.

I guess when you do what you always do
And get what you always get. Who needs something new?
As long as the status quo is something that you know
If you’re not in a river, you don’t go with the flow.

But what do you do when the unexpected hits
A little bit of randomness will make your head split
Some might call it quits because they can’t handle this
If that’s you then the next bit you shouldn’t miss

Chorus 1
Cereal for dinner
No snow in the winter
Sweet potato liquor
That's Random
Purple dinosaurs
Double rainbows
That's So Random

Verse 2
You may have heard this some time on a commuter train.
OMG, That’s so random, LMAO, it’s so insane.
Followed by giggles, he haws, and hair flips
TTYL, LoL and a latte sip

Ha ha it can be fun if you let it
Certainty is hard to let go, but don’t regret it
The truth is randomness is the spice of life
It’s the type of thing that keeps the fires burning with your wife

Or the thing that keeps people on their toes
What will be your next move, nobody knows
That’s the way goes with these random highs and lows
The day we know our fate the Sun will stop its glow.

I tell you this to show you can embrace the unexpected
We are perfect cause we can never be perfected
Just let the fates decide what our future hold
And enjoy the ride on life’s winding road.

---chorus 2---
Planes full of snakes
Monsters in the lake
Bacon milk shakes
That's Random
Sharks in tornados
Turquoise tomatoes
That's So Random
Finding lots of money
Raining when it's sunny
Energizing bunny
That's Random
Man eating plants
Do the Carlton Dance
That's so Random

Verse 3
So take out a nickel and stand it on a map
Make sure the map is smoothed out and lying flat
Flick it on its side and spin it like a top
The next place you travel to is the place it stops

Jump into the puddles on a rainy day
Pick a game you don’t know and learn to play
Sing a classic tune while you’re waiting in a line
I’m sure someone will join you if you give it time
Watch a pick up game and cheer for any team
Run into the wind like you were running to your dream
Talk to that stranger on the bus ride home
You don’t have to enjoy that boring commute all alone.

When you go out to eat don’t look at the menu
Pull the waiter over and let them choose it for you
You can stir up your world in the matter of an instant
If you sprinkle it with a little bit of randomness.

---chorus 3---
Edible playdough
mr./mrs potato
Cities built by lego
That' s random
Dancing with the fishes
Singing with the dishes.
That's so random
Puppets growing noses
17 roses
Striking vogue poses
That's Random
Big red talking dogs
Tap dancing frogs.
That's so Random